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Hybrid Campers and Trailers

  Consider a Hybrid Travel Trailer for Your Next RV

When you set out to buy your next travel trailer or camper you might consider purchasing a hybrid camper instead of the traditional travel trailer. Hyrbrid campers offer many advantages over traditional travel trailers. Here are some of the things to consider when shopping for a travel trailer or comparing a hybrid trailer to a traditional travel trailer: tow vehicle, trailer weight, fuel economy, features, floor plans, and construction and quality.

Tow vehicle: You must consider your tow vehicle before making your purchase. Obviously, the more weight you tow, the more stress you are placing on the tow vehicle. Many hybrid trailers are built using light weight materials that help to reduce the dry weight of the vehilce. Also, because the hybrid camper is lowered when towing, the center of gravity for your vehicle is lowered allowing more stability when pulling a hybrid camper.

Trailer Weight: Most travel trailers and hybrid trailers are comparable in this area. A few, like the Trail Manor, emphasize their construction because it reduces the overall weight of the trailer. However, the cost associated with producing such a lightweight trailer may not be for everyone. You must weigh all the factors when considering the purchase of your hybrid trailer.

Fuel Economy: Comparing traditional travel trailers to hybrid trailers in this area is not really fair. While most manufacturers of traditional travel trailers do take steps to reduce wind drag, it's a very difficult task. The fact that hybrid and folding campers are below the height of the tow vehicle reduces wind resistance drastically. And because of the added stability (mentioned above) there is less strain on the tow vehicle. This all works to increase fuel economy for towing a hybrid camper.

Features: Hybrid trailers are generally constructed using 'hard shell' contrusction. This allows them to be as portable as a folding camper and yet offer many of the features and amenities of a traditional travel trailer. There's no way we could tell about all the features here but check out the manufacturers websites for details on the many features found in a hybrid camper.

Floor Plans: Believe it or not, the floor plans available for hybrid campers are just as plentiful as the floorplans in traditional campers. Hybrid trailers can range in size from 17' to 33' or more and provide everything from bunk beds to dining areas and fully-enclosed bathrooms.

Quality: Quality of construction is a focus for hybrid camper manufacturers. Because the concept is relatively new, manufacturers are taking special care to build these hybrid trailers with the highest quality materials and construction processes. The result is a product that is built to last.

Hybrid campers are a viable alternative to traditional travel trailers and 5th wheels and provide many benefits to the discriminating camper.

Check out the following manufacturers of Hybrid campers.
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Trail Manor

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